We are the Melathron Digital Agency

With so many resources and choices to navigate the digital world, the true question is HOW, WHEN and WHICH IS THE BEST WAY.

And this is our expertise.

We have the ways the knowledge and the resources to see the whole picture. 

Let’s define and execute a marketing plan that will target YOUR GOAL. Let’s make a goal that will suit YOUR NEEDS. Every company and professional is unique and that is what the marketing should emphasise in. There is a great big world, with so much potential but also with so many choices. We give your customers the way and the reason to come to YOU.

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Multiple companies and professionals all over the world chose us to implement and structure their marketing campaigns. We build long-lasting relationships because we focus on our clients and they understand it by the result.

Individual Approach

Every strategy is unique. not because we use different steps and tactics each time but we set a different goal YOUR goal.

Modern Technologies

The modern era has given us the tools to use in order to do more with less time and understand the results more deeply. And use them in abudance.

Intelligent Solutions

Complex strategies and elaborate goals need intelligent solutions. Clear steps and processes in order to achieve more with less.

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Web Site

A modern unique website. Compatible with any device. Great performance marketing wise.

Ecommerce Sollutions

As part of your main website or as a stand-alone solution. Ecommerce solutions that have the look and functionality of every modern shop.


On and off page SEO gives long-lasting results and establishes a great position in the web world.

Google Services

From Google business to maps, to the presence in the search engines in general. There are more than one ways to approach it.

Social Media

A major part of the web ecosystem, the are so many possibilities and different strategies to approach it. We will find the best for you.

Email Marketing

That is one of the best ways to reach your clients, but it is not that easy. you need to make sure they will get it and open it.


  • 1.

  • 2.

First Contact

First of all, we need to know you and you need to know us. We will briefly see your case and what are the potentials and what it is done so far.

Discussion & Planning

In this step, we need to set know goals and set the steps. in this step, we try to deeply understand you and your needs. How do you imagine your company in 5 years’ time?
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  • 4.

  • 5.

Final Strategy

It’s time to set specific goals and steps. Now that we know where are we going let’s set the course to get there.


Start moving. We use agile as our main method. That means that we tackle multiple tasks together. From the first weeks, many things will start running together.


We do not set them and go. The most important part is to study what worked best for you and how can we change it, boost it or fix it.



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