In the last 2 years, we are working with Melathron OU. We made a brand new website and went on working on our marketing as well. The best features of our partnership are professionalism, fast action and best results. We trust and know that we have found the company that is personally interested in us.

Ms. Sofia – Million Stars Mykonos

My schedule is very tight and with so much to do. Melathron OU found a way to have an efficient collaboration in the best organised and effective way.

We will sure continue our collaboration and we trust that the results will continue to be the best.

Mr. Skouloudis – Kochlias Residencies

Melathron OU took over all our marketing aspects one by one. They made it possible to transfer to them after being frustrated with so many different specialists we worked with. Now we have them all in one, with a more focused and well-structured plan.

Mr. Alexiou – Texnologistiki EPE

Our collaboration has been amazing and contributed to our evolution so well that we were able to expand at our own pace and without a problem. They have become our trusted partners.

Mr. Mitilinaios – Hamilton SA